What if I Can’t Make the Court Hearing on the Date That it is Set?

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If you can’t make the court hearing on the date that it is set, you may be able to ask the court for a “continuance.” Opens new window A continuance is a rescheduling of the court hearing to a later date.

  • A request for continuance should be made at the earliest possible time, but no later than one and one-half days before the hearing date.

  • You must ask your former spouse or partner for the continuance. If he or she refuses, you have to file what is called an “ex parte Opens new window motionOpens new window to request the court to give you a continuance.

  • If continuances are requested later than the one and one-half day cutoff, then the request must be made in person on the scheduled court date.

  • Normally, no more than three continuances will be granted.

You must have a very good reason in order for the court to grant your request.




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