What Happens if I Don’t Respond to the 'Order to Show Cause'?

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If you don’t respond to the Order to Show Cause papers that were served to you, the person filing the case can get a “default judgmentOpens new window entered against you. This means that they will get everything they ask for in their papers. This is why it is very important that you respond to any legal papers served to you and that you do not ignore them!

If a default judgment has been entered against you (because you failed to file a Response or appear in your case), there is a possibility that you still may be able to have the judge hear your side. A default judgment may be canceled, or “set aside”

  • if you had a very good reason for not responding to your papers and

  • if you try to take care of as soon as you realize what has happened.

However, getting a default judgment set aside is a very complicated legal issue. You may need to contact an attorney for legal advice. You can visit the Family Law Facilitator’s Office for more information.

  • To find the Family Law Facilitator’s office in your county, click here. Opens new window




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