Can We Agree on a Support Amount Without Going to Court?

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Former spouses or partners can agree (“stipulate”) Opens new window on a support amount and submit it to the judge for approval. If the judge decides that their agreement is reasonable, the two people will not have to actually go to court.

There is no specific court form to use to show the judge what has been agreed. Rather, write down the agreement on a sheet of paper:

  1. At the top, write some title like: “Stipulation for Spousal (or Partner) Support”

  2. The name, address, and phone number of each former spouse or partner. (Add a fax number or email address, if you have one.)

  3. The name and address of the court where your case is being heard.

  4. The case number you have been given by the court clerk.

  5. Next, write in the net monthly income of each former spouse or partner.

  6. State that one person (write in name) will pay the other person (write in name) the amount you have agreed on (write in amount).

  7. Write the date that the support payments will start, and how often they will be paid. (Weekly? Monthly? – write what has been decided by the two people.)

  8. Write something like: “We agree that we will promptly inform each other of any change of residence or employment, including the employer’s name, address, and telephone.

  9. Write something like: “We make this agreement freely without coercion or duress.”

Both former spouses or partners must sign the agreement (“stipulation”) and – if you don’t have attorneys – both signatures must be notarized. Opens new window




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