When Does Court-Ordered Spousal or Partner Support End?

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The length of time that support has to be paid is closely linked to how long the marriage or registered domestic partnership lasted. However, it is up to the judge to decide after considering many factors. (See California Family Code, Section 4320.) Sobre Ventanillas Nuevas

  • In California, there is a “rule of thumb” that support will last for one-half the length of the marriage or registered partnership. The judge may apply this to relationships that lasted 10 years or less, which are considered short relationships.

  • Any marriage or registered domestic partnership that lasted 10 years or more is considered a long relationship. In these cases, the judge may take many factors into consideration when deciding how long support should be paid.

Spousal or partner support will automatically end when:

  • One of the former spouses or partners dies;

  • The person receiving support remarries or registers a new domestic partnership.




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